Red Ribbon Service Plan

Our preventative maintenance program, the Red Ribbon Service Plan, is highly recommended in order to keep your garage doors operating smoothly and efficiently. Regularly-maintained garage doors and openers last longer too! The cost for the Red Ribbon Service Plan is $69 a year.

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What's Included?

  • Complete safety inspection
  • Lubrication
  • Tighten chain on operators
  • Replace batteries in remotes and keyless entry
  • 25-point inspection of door(s) or operator(s)
  • Lifetime service record of repairs
  • Rate the overall condition of door(s) & operator(s)
  • Any recommended repairs will be quoted

Includes two single doors and operators, or one double door and operator. All additional doors and operators price separately.

Who Needs the Red Ribbon Service Plan?

Garage doors were never designed to be the main entrance into your house, but today 70% of homeowners use the garage door as the main entrance! Is the Red Ribbon Service Plan right for you?

  • Anyone with an old door that hasn’t been serviced
  • Anyone that doesn’t want to be held hostage by their garage door
  • Anyone tired of an old door needing constant repair
  • Ever had your door break Friday evening and had to wait until Monday to repair it? No more!
  • Your budget is tight, don’t let your garage door set you back